Harris Hawk

April 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was driving home from my office in Derby travelling east on the A52 from Nottingham heading towards my home town of Grantham at around 3.35pm on Tuesday April 12th and just driving towards the Allington / Stenwith crossroads when a ‘large shape’ on my left on top of the hedgerow caught my eye, I took a second glance before I passed it and I said out loud to myself, ‘Bloody Harris Hawk!’

I stopped in the layby, safely of course; to get a better look to confirm the identity of the bird and when I had done so confirming it was indeed a Harris hawk, the bird then moved across the road to perch higher in a tree near the opposite layby, I crossed the road with my iPhone in hand to try to get some photos on my phone as a record of the sighting before it took flight again.

I took 4 photos 1 of which is below and the bird flew after about 5 minutes and I returned to my car and Tweeted this impressive pic below .

I then went home with the sight in my rea view mirror of the Hawk flying along the A52 hedgerow in the opposite direction to me. I quickly picked up my my camera and binoculars got back in the car and headed out again not at all expecting to see the bird again to be honest but upon arrival to the same area as my first sighting just off the A52 I saw that the Hawk was still about but this time being mobbed over fields by at least half a dozen Corvids.

I drove around a little and thought I had lost the bird but on my return drive along the road back to the A52 I saw the bird in a tree on my left I got out and managed a few pics before it flew off to be once again mobbed by the group of Corvids.

The Hawk which had no tethers, jesses, bells etc. on it's legs then departed once again and landed in a couple of trees some distance away from the road I was watching it from continually trying to get away from the bolshie Corvids.

Eventually it was then lost as it flew in the distance in the direction of Casthorpe over the fields still being followed by a couple of Corvids, possibly Crows.


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