Bill Richmond(non-registered)
Hi Steve, Really like you website and in particular the variety(species/countries) of good images!!
Keep up the good work and i'll drop in from time to time to view. Most of all enjoy!! Regards Bill
John nesbitt(non-registered)
Hi Steve some of the team your website . Great pics !! Speak soon
Andy Graves(non-registered)
Hi Steve I really enjoyed the talk and slide show you gave for Grantham Bird Society you show us some lovely photos
Mick Till(non-registered)
Great pictures
Dave Reddish(non-registered)
Great photos as always Steve
Thomas Schauflinger - Austria(non-registered)
Amazing pictures. I am really impressed, I know, they took a lot of effort.
Brian Caldwell Christchurch New Zealand(non-registered)
Hi Steve

very good photos perhaps we can chat sometime
Dean Eades(non-registered)
Looking great Steve
Jeremy Eyeons(non-registered)
Great photos Steve....youve really inspired me in my photographic efforts....So much so that Ive now started putting my "more modest" offerings on my Flickr site. I will keep checking your site though for inspiration and composition ideas! Regards,
Stuart Pike(non-registered)
Great site with stunning photography.
Amazing photos Steve:)
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