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Lesser Redpolls & a Mealy or 2 too?

March 12, 2017  •  1 Comment

Our garden is regularly getting 8 possibly more Lesser Redpoll over the last few weeks numbers built up a little over this time period from the odd one or two seen around new year.

I think there are more birds around 8 is the highest number counted in the garden at any one time with I am sure more Redpolls in the tree bordering our garden at the end.

Yesterday I had some time in the morning before a few beers in Nottingham with friends and almost immediately the bird below landed on the feeder closest to me - my first thought was "bloody hell a Mealy!" I am not sure to be honest but posting here will hopefully get the more learned birders than I giving me pointers.

You tell me what you think please, either way it’s a stonking little bird eh?

I am also seeing another very light, white Redpoll without the pink on the chest but have not been able to get a photograph of it but will keep trying.

These are delightful birds and if I stand in an area in my garden where we have a pergola I can be as close as 10 feet to the nearest feeder, a little patience and the birds drop in with no concerns and so can achieve images like these below, such a shame this weekend was dull and showery but never mind eh?

Also, occasionally we are getting Bramblings and Siskins here and today managed a couple of images of nice looking and very vocal male bird.



Chris Grimshaw(non-registered)
I may be wrong but my initial reaction is that this is a lesser redpoll. Nice photo though Steve
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