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Yorkshire & Norfolk - Part 2

May 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The second part of this blog is around a day out to Hunstanton, Norfolk with my wife, high tide is always noted and after the obligatory wander around the seaside establishments and my wife nips off to the amusements loaded down with 2p's I head to the beach and a wander to see what can be seen and photographed. This day was a lovely bright sunny day to assist taking bird photo's too.

First birds seen were Turnstone, no real surprise I guess but the look loads better with a bit of breeding plumage on their backs.

As the tide ebbed away some birds, not that many; such as Oystercatchers came into check out the feeding opportunities left behind as the tide went out.

Herring and Black Headed Gull worked the coastline too then a surprise was to see 3 Sandwich Tern, 2 rather distant but 1 close enough to get a reasonable image or 2 as it did what Tern's do!

A walk from the sea to the small section of cliffs enabled me to try my skills at getting a decent Fulmar photograph or 2 with some of the results below.

When having a walk around the small commercial centre of Hunstanton and A cheeky pint I might add! I tried to get images of the screeching Swifts that were making their presence known in both sight and sound.

All in all a good day out with my wife and a little birding (if you can call it that?) fitted into.



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