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Tawny Owl - a revisit

June 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I had to go back to visit Russ Telfer's Tawny Owl hide to see if I could achieve any in-flight / landing images. 

We had a good chat about the options available and as the parent birds are feeding young it was looking good that we would get some visits during the 4 hours or so at the hide location. In short; the time at the hide was fascinating to watch the behaviour of the male and how he approached the perches and bait provided all this with a lot of the time the young birds calling in the background.

Russ does his utmost to help you get the photo's you want and his in depth knowledge of camera settings and his understanding of the birds he has been working with for several months certainly increases the chances of a positive outcome image-wise. Timings on the type of images below is crucial and I am more than happy at my own first attempts at this type of avian photography; I couldn't have achieved this without Russ's direction, knowledge and support though it has to be said. This is inspiring me to have a go at this myself one day, best start saving for some more gear!

Enough talking (or typing!) please see below the different images I got during this visit - hope you like them, I certainly do!

First we set up to see if the male Tawny would land on a perch before heading for the bait. The image below was the first I got of any quality and I actually like the fact it has closed eyes - something a little different.

Amendements were made when the male had gone back to see his chicks and soon we saw the photo below on the back of the camera - result! That is what I and many of Russ's visitors are after.

More changes to set-up and landing from a perch to bait on the ground was next with my Canon f5.6 400mm lens off the camera and now using a Canon 18mm - 135mm set at 18mm lead to shots like these below - pleasing ones once again.

Another great few hours with a man who knows his habitat, birds and camera gear and also has the patience to assist those with lesser skill sets. I know I have learnt lots during my time with Russ.

Please go to Russ's website - click here and contact him direct if you wish to learn more.


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